VS. Pinball is a 2 player pinball / air hockey hybrid.  With a variety of different themes, VS. Pinball tries to capture the magic of old school arcade pinball machines for older audiences while being as modern as it can. 

Video edited and voiced by Sam Concklin

VS. Pinball was created for Bradley University's FUSE show 2017. My role on the project included programming the game logic as well as scripting the entirety of the levels within the game.
Though it was showcased and "completed" by the show, the team is far from done with it. VS. Pinball was built and designed for a multitouch tablet table, and during its showcase at FUSE was unable to be played on mobile phones or tablets. This is something that the team is hoping to pursue going forward as well as networked play and a board creation kit in the far far future. 
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