My Skills
These sections are what I'm good at! I've rated them on a scale from 1 - 10. 1 meaning I'm god awful and 10...well there are no 10's. 10 means perfection, and we all have room to grow and improve. Furthermore, these are where I believe I place against my peers, not industry professionals.  
Level Design is something that I am currently getting my first taste in. My level design truly shines in my digital titles Good Dog and Dreamers Paradise (winner of third place in the iThrive Empathy Challenge). However, it can also be seen in Dark is the Night, a board game created by Arwen Boyer, Joshua Estill, and myself which is now being published by APE Games. 

Critically analyzing games is one of the skills that I feel sets me apart. I have a large library of games that I have played (well over 200), and I use this to better understand not only how games work and what works well, but to also look at the deeper meaning behind them. The best example of this work can be found in my critical analysis of Journey and my paper Character Creation Systems, and Their Portrayal of Race, Gender, Body Types, Disabilities, and Age which was accepted to Meaningful Play 2016. 
Algorithm design is something that I truly love to do. I like to learn how games go about finding solutions. The best example of my work is seen in Goldilocks' planet creation system.
Recently Updated! Programming is something that I want to learn more and more about. I have been the main programmer on most of the games I've worked on in the past year and am pretty well versed in C#. My next goal is to begin tackling C++. 
My Leadership capabilities are my strongest asset. One of my major feats is teaching Game Design at the National Student Leadership Conference, and I can honestly say that the "Leadership" section of this camp was never forgotten. 
Narrative Design is a skill that I try to practice regularly. I find that a game can always be improved with a good story driving the gameplay. The best example so far of my narrative skills is seen in Fallen. Which can be found on the Projects page! 
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