A Little about Me
Hi I'm Zach, and I'm a Game Designer. As you can see at the top of the page, I believe games are the next step forward. What do I mean by this? Games are the next step forward in mankind's ability to express themselves. This is my mantra in regards to game production, and something that I put into every  game that I create. Currently, Bradley University is my home and Game Design has completely consumed my life. So far I've taught Game Design to students at the National Student Leadership Conference, have had a paper accepted to Meaningful Play, and even have my first board game, Dark is the Night, getting published by APE Games! I couldn't be happier. You can check out these projects and many others on my Projects page. 
Floating on to Bigger Better things...
I'm a doer. My end goal in life is to be the Creative Director or Lead Game Designer of my own company. For now, I want to build upon my algorithm, level, and narrative design skills. This desire for improvement and my never give up attitude is something that I plan to keep  wherever life takes me. Whether I'm working with a AAA on the next million dollar title or an indie company who is trying a new kind of game concept, through failure and success I want to learn and grow while doing what I love. 
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