Good Dog is a point and click adventure game created by Arwen Boyer and myself. This game tackles the idea of suicide with our voiceless heroine Afiyat. 
This project is still a W.I.P and is in it's Beta stage. The game uses minimal text elements (besides object labels like Beatrice's Dog Bowl or the Dog Food). Instead we were tasked with creating a game that could tell a meaningful story through metaphor and ludic expression. A prime example of our use of Ludic expression is in Afiyat's death scene.
This is Afiyat's death scene. Prior to this scene the player can see Afiyat's dog eating her food and Afiyat munching away at her cereal, but then the suicidal thoughts hit. As the darkness fills the scene, the pill bottle on the table fades into view. By restricting the player to only being able to click on this pill bottle we are representing the idea that when one has suicidal thoughts or severe depression, they may not be capable of seeing any other option. 

My role on the project was to program and script the entire game while helping Arwen (who did all of the art) design the metaphors and levels. The two largest tasks were to 1). create the point and click functionality and 2). create the inventory system. The point and click function began as simply sending out a raycast through the z axis and finding what objects the cursor would potentially hit. This eventually evolved into a powerful tool capable of combining items in the inventory bar, swapping sprites of inventory items, and retrieving sounds to play from objects in the game. 
If you have any questions about Good Dog and would like to know more please feel free to contact me on the Contact Me Page! 
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