Goldilocks is a W.I.P that is nearing completion that both Arwen Boyer and I have been working on for a while now.  My role was to program and design the core systems of the game while creating a fun and fluid experience to the player through high quality movement mechanics. The game is all about relaxation and exploration, but not exploration in the sense that there is much to see. Exploration of the ability to create is what this game is centered around. 
The rainbow glow that you see in the image below is in fact the player character. The choice to make it rainbow was not only to make it look AMAZING, but it also is meant to represent the infinite possibilities of creation. 
There are actual objectives to this game! With the correct amount of water, atmosphere, and temperature create the player has the ability to create our lovely planet Earth! Upon unlocking this the player will be given the information needed to create all of the planets of our solar system. 
This game proved challenging to make. It not only required play testing for the flight controls, but it took a lot of system design in the background to create an accurate representation of player success and failures. Essentially we researched every planet's atmospheric height, average temperature, and water content. When a planet is created, it measures how much of each element is found and compares it to the 9 planets of our solar system to tell the player how close they were to Earth. Subsequently a planet based off of these numbers is created. 
Though this has been a challenge I learned a lot. I really got into Unity particle systems, I learned how to keep persistent data across playthroughs, and I feel really accomplished with the control design and the overall aesthetic of the game objects. I'm really excited to bring you all Goldilocks once our last few bugs are ironed out! If you have any questions or want more information please feel free to contact me! 
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