Geomancers is a 2 Player, Mobile, Augmented Reality card game. Using the Vuforia SDK along with Unity and Photon Network we have created the start of something very interesting. 
Geomancers is a class based tower defense game that really focuses on Resource Management and Deck Building. As of right now the game is only one round, but we plan on expanding the game to a multi-round experience to enhance the deck building / resource management components.  
Update 3: We Reached Full Playability!
Just to be a little helpful with the new move from the home page, I put together a little explanation below to further show where we are at in production! 
The three images below shows highlight three very important phases are to Geomancers. By using the Vuforia SDK we have built a card scanning system that allows for players to first build their decks and then bring them to life in game! Below you can see first Environment Pieces being scanned, following that Spell Cards are scanned to give players their abilities, and finally players can bring their champion to life by scanning them into the game!
Here is the most interesting part of Geomancers, building the world. Players can use the environments scanned to place obstacles throughout the map to help defend their bases or cause mayhem for their opponents. 
During the play stage players must maneuver through their map while avoiding/dismissing spells cast their way by their opponent. Here we have the "Aurora" spell in play. Cast by the opponent, Aurora will create balls of blue light to frantically move across the screen. The victim of this spell must tap them all away in order to regain control of their character. 
Geomancers is in very early alpha, and we have currently put it on the backburner. This is our first networked projected as well as our first Augmented Reality experience. Plans for expansion, restructure, and refinement are in place for the next year. 
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