Dreamers Paradise is a 2D platformer created with the Unity Engine, C#, and various Adobe Products such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Dreamers Paradise was created for the iThrive Empathy challenge and won third place. Its focus was to create an experience that would help players understand someone who suffers from Schizophrenia. Below are screens from the game. If you'd like to play Dreamers Paradise, you can download it for Mac here. (Download)
The three developers of this project were Stephan Cantero, Anthony Eterno, and myself. My roles included the following, Level Designer, Programmer, Narrative Designer, Game Designer, Sound Engineer, GUI Designer. 

 Below, are screens from the game. If you'd like to play Dreamers Paradise, visit our website at dreamers.imbradley.com.
The first level of the game. This level was designed to emulate a delusion of reference where John believes he is being called to as the only one who can save the island. 
The first confusion level of the game. This represents loss of control, a common Schizophrenic delusion.
This world revolves around the delusion of persecution. The small ghosts represent the feeling of being followed and taunted that many people with Schizophrenia deal with. 
This is the final level of the game in which John is swept away by a feeling of grandeur after traversing through the island. This again is representative of a common delusion that people with Schizophrenia tend to have.  
During this project, I feel that I truly learned what it means to be a game designer. This role is somewhat ambiguous to those who have not went through the process of creating a game. I learned many skills such as coding with the C# language, proper UI placement, and how to translate narrative to gameplay. Overall, I now understand that being a game designer is much more than any one job.
This game was originally hosted online, and was primarily built for web. In order to keep this work alive, it was quickly converted to Mac and therefore does have a few minor bugs. If any obstruct your gameplay experience please feel free to contact me! 
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