Dark is the Night is a game designed by myself, Arwen Boyer, and Joshua Estill, and is being published by Ape Games in early 2017. It is currently being prepped for its Kickstarter release in the coming months. 
Dark is the Night began as a class assignment, but became much more. After winning 2nd place in the BoardGameGeek Tin Mint competition for best theme, the team and I submitted it to Salt Con where Ape Game's founder and CEO Kevin Brusky took interest in the game. After nearly a year of edits and play testing he and his company have decided to fund production.  
My role on the project was mechanic design and play testing. Though it was a team effort throughout the game's development, the addition of the chicken leg and fire arrows are two mechanics that I am particularly proud of. 
If you'd like more information on the game and it's development you can follow this link here to the Ape Games website. 
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